Frequently asked questions

How can I make a purchase on the GPC website?
What's the estimated delivery time?
Which cities is the delivery service available in?
How can I link my loyalty card to the site?
Do I earn points on my GPC loyalty card when I make purchases?
What is the timeframe for picking up my order from the pharmacy when using the pick-up service?
What payment options are accepted on the GPC website?
Do pharmacy discounts apply to online purchases?
Where can I use my promo code?
What is the price of the delivery service?
Whats is the product return policy?
What should I do if a have some questions or some issues about my order?
How can I request the cancellation of an order?
Is it possible to request reimbursement from the insurance company for medications bought through the website?
When are the days with discounted medicine prices?
If I don't collect my “pick up” order within 7 days, what will happen to it?
What should I do if I missed courrier’s call and couldn’t receive my order?
Application is available on Android and iOS systems
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